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Perfect Contracting’s Successful Demobilisations Strategy for Acciona Bouygues Samsung JV

Project Details

Project Overview:

Acciona Bouygues Samsung JV required professional assistance for the demobilisation strategy of three acoustic sheds constructed as part of the WestConnex project. The sheds were situated over the decline structure leading into the tunnel at three different locations: Haberfield, Camperdown, and St. Peters. The proximity of these locations to Parramatta Road posed significant challenges, necessitating a solution that prioritized public safety and minimized disruptions to adjacent roads.


The primary challenge of the project was its location near Parramatta Road, a major thoroughfare in Sydney. Our client sought a solution that would effectively eliminate or minimize risks to the public and nearby roads. Additionally, coordinating simultaneous operations across three locations and managing 16 night shifts added complexity to the project. Perfect Contracting, led by esteemed Project Manager Hadi Chaouk, was entrusted with the task of executing a safe and efficient demobilisation strategy while ensuring minimal disruption to the public.


Perfect Contracting leveraged its expertise and experience to develop a comprehensive demobilisation strategy that addressed all stakeholder requirements. Our team engineered a solution that not only met safety standards but also demonstrated our commitment to excellence and understanding of the project’s risks. The solution involved meticulous planning and resource management, facilitated by our adept project management capabilities.


Under Hadi Chaouk’s leadership, Perfect Contracting’s delivery team meticulously executed the demobilisation strategy across all three locations. With extensive planning and coordination, we efficiently managed resources and personnel, ensuring smooth operations throughout the project duration. Despite the challenges posed by the project’s scale and location, our team completed over 30,000 man-hours with zero incidents and minimal disruption to the public.


Perfect Contracting’s proactive approach and dedication to safety and efficiency resulted in the successful execution of the demobilisation strategy for Acciona Bouygues Samsung JV. Our ability to overcome challenges, including proximity to Parramatta Road and simultaneous operations across multiple locations, exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes for our clients. The project’s completion without any incidents underscores Perfect Contracting’s reputation as a reliable and trusted partner in the construction industry.