Defence Infrastructure is in constant need of repair, refurbishment and at times – demolition.
A contractor with up-to-the-minute methodologies is what this often sensitive space demands.

Having carried out major projects at almost every major military installation across Greater Sydney, Perfect is equipped to deliver tailor-made solutions to our nation’s protectors. We understand not only construction and demolition, but also perhaps the most vital aspect of defence – national security. Our legacies at Richmond, Holsworthy and Garden Island will attest to that.

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Detailed Demolition

Perfect Contracting provides comprehensive detailed demolition services all over Sydney and greater NSW.

Structural Demolition

With modern technology and engineering methodologies, Perfect can carry out complex structural demolition.

Concrete Penetrations

Perfect has extensive experience when it comes to carrying out concrete penetrations in the defence sector.

Hazmat Removal

Perfect Contracting can carry out Friable Asbestos removal projects in the defence sector all across Sydney.

Structural Propping

Perfect Contracting provides integrated structural propping services, including engineering and installation.

Wet Hire

Perfect Contracting offers our entire fleet of specialised machinery for wet hire in Sydney.

Featured projects

Holsworthy Barracks


When Built’s SoW required hazmat removal at the ARA’s Holsworthy facility, Perfect answered the call. Our crews established on-site and installed protections before a screw was turned or a sheet removed. All works were carried out over an eight-week deployment, the area was declared safe by our hazmat decontamination division.

The first task was pulling up the floor coverings. This would expose the ACM adhesive underneath which would then be removed using mechanical means – a floor scraper. Let’s be clear – the carpet and vinyl didn’t contain asbestos. However, given their proximity to it as well as their age – all parties thought it prudent to remove it under non-friable conditions. We pulled it up, collected it in asbestos tough bags and stacked them the skip ready for disposal. Once full, we fully encapsulated the skip and sent it to Bingo Eastern Creek to be recycled in line with EPA regulations.

Remove 3000m2 of flooring
Extract 3000m2 of asbestos floor adhesive
Remove SMF insulation/lagging
Abrade lead paint
Demolish internal linings
Works to span four individual buildings

RAAF Base Richmond


When remedial contractor Duratec learned of asbestos contaminated soil at RAAF Base Richmond, they needed a hazmat removal contractor who’s exacting standards matched their own. We were certain we could deliver, securing the safety of the men and women tasked with defending this great nation for decades to come.

A fuel storage facility at Richmond had been found to contain thirty-four separate friable asbestos gaskets, and, in line with ADF health directives, those gaskets were slated for removal. All plumbing, valving, piping, hatches and covers were to be drained, removed and decontaminated in readiness for reinstallation. ACM has not been in production in Australia since 2003, and with the national war on asbestos now entering its eighteenth year, a lean fighting operation was mandated. Except there was just one problem.

Back to base Stripout of 12 levels
Concrete Slab Penetrations
Window Penetrations
Elevator Removal
Structural Propping


Perfect is one of the most experienced demolition contractors in Sydney when it comes to Commercial demolition. We have done it all, soft stripouts, back to base stripouts, penetrations, elevators removal, escalator removal. It doesn’t matter if its twenty stories or single. Perfect have developed our processes and constantly innovated to become more and more efficient at all aspects of Commercial demolition.

Regardless of the scope, scale or stipulations – Perfect Contracting’s major strength lies in fast, safe and efficient operation. With roots deep in the commerical sector, we can hand over your project on time and within budget regardless if its soft stripout works or complex structural demolition. From permits to service disconnection and waste disposal, Perfect’s project management team offers the personalised touch that ensures your civil project is delivered to spec.

Experience in defence sector - Perfect Contracting


The key to Perfect’s continual success is down to one key factor, Our People.

Our crews are the ones out there doing the hard graft every single day, ensuring your project gets delivered on time, every time. Because that’s what we do. We get it done.

From management and operations to engineering and estimating to supervisors and ground workers – Perfect Contracting hires only the best. Continual improvement processes ensure regular training, new tickets and upskilling.

Experience in defence sector Sydney - Perfect Contracting


Perfect operates its own fleet of heavy-duty state-of-the-art machinery ranging from nimble 0.8t excavators to large positracks to 35t excavators. Additionally we operate an armada of hook trucks and skips, tippers, EWP’s, forklifts, Brokks, lifts, scaffolding and almost every tool known to man.

With our continued investment in emerging technologies, safety and innovation, Perfect’s service scope ranges from the simple & straightforward to the thoroughly technical to the downright demanding.

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