These complex and high-value national assets require a unique approach.

Spanning almost every construction material and design language known to man, infrastructure remedial works need a specific approach. With stratospheric stakes like public health and safety, coupled with a myriad of systems expected to work in seamless harmony – Perfect Contracting has the expertise and execution this space demands.

With multiple key stakeholders involved in the safe delivery of these complex projects you need an experienced contractor that knows all the procedures and HSEQ compliance that is required. With an experienced workforce on the ground, backed by an experienced office, Perfect Contracting is capable of delivering complex demolition, civil and construction projects in the infrastructure sector all across Sydney and greater NSW.

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Detailed Demolition

Perfect Contracting provides comprehensive detailed demolition services in the infrastructure sector.

Structural Demolition

With modern technology and engineering methodologies, Perfect can carry out complex structural demolition.

Concrete Penetrations

Perfect has extensive experience when it comes to carrying out concrete penetrations in the infrastructure sector.

Hazmat Removal

Perfect Contracting can carry out Friable Asbestos removal projects all across Sydney and greater NSW.

Structural Propping

Perfect Contracting provides integrated structural propping services, including engineering and installation.

Wet Hire

Perfect Contracting offers our entire fleet of specialised machinery for wet hire in Sydney.

Featured projects

Dive Shed Demolition

CLIENT – Acciona

Perfect Contracting completed demolition works for our client CJ Duncan at Manildra Flour Mill. The project was to dismantle and demolish a large section of the Manildra Flour Mill, which had been damaged by an explosion.

Our team members firstly met with our clients and all other sub-contractors involved in the project. We established the site and installed out tools container onto the site where we could securely store our tools and equipment through the duration of the project.

Tim Ifopo one of most experienced Demolition Supervisors was overseeing the safe dismantling and demolition of a large section of this flour mill. For this project, we requested the use of a 50T and 100T Mobile Cranes to allow our team members a safe working platform to begin dismantling the large silos.

Parts of the mill were deemed salvageable and therefore our team members took extreme care to ensure these were not damaged further and could be used again. The suspended walkway between the Bins and Blending Tower were also deemed suitable for reuse. Our team members carefully dismantled the walkway and craned it down to a specified laydown area.

All loose debris were removed from the structure
The roof over the 300 and 400 bins should be removed completely
Bins 403 and 406 were removed in one piece
The walkway between the Spec Plant bins and the Blending Tower were removed
Wall structure surrounding the 400 bins was removed
All materials that were not salvageable were disposed of with a local Metal Recycling Facility



Perfect Contracting was contracted by CPB Downer JV to undertake demolition works at 13 Grand Ave, Camellia as part of the Parramatta Light Rail project. Prior to commencing with any works semi permanent fencing was set up for the demolition work site and all services disconnected. Safety signage put up around the job site and all road, pedestrian and neighbour traffic taken into consideration.

For this project we had to remove a tree on the west side front of building, taking approximately 2 days to remove. Demolition works commenced with the removal of hazardous waste materials from within the building, safely removing and disposing of all non/friable asbestos waste. As well as removal of lead paint as per the hazmat report. Air monitoring and clearance certificated were provided.

Internal strip out of the warehouse started as soon as all hazardous waste was removed, removing any rubbish that cannot be recycled. Including ceilings, joinery and loose furniture in the property. Full demolition of the building then took place using 8T- 30T excavators. The building was taken down safely using the 24T excavator with shears butting the steel columns, demolishing the base slab, ramps, hardstand and the roof. There was a labourer on site hosing down the building to suppress the dust.

All materials were separated accordingly to top at the correct recycling centres. Loading out all rubble into Perfect designated tip and hook trucks and skip bins. There was a ticketed demolition supervisor on site at all times observing all works. Demolition works went over the course of 4 weeks and works were completed successfully.

Removal of hazardous waste materials
Removal of lead paint
Removing and disposing of all non/friable asbestos waste
Full demolition of the building
Demolishing the base slab


Perfect have years of experience when it comes to demolition in the infrastructure sector. Having completed hundreds of complex infrastructure projects from fire damaged make safes to full building demolitions. Perfect has just about tackled every single scenario in the infrastructure space.

Regardless of the scope, scale or complexity – Perfect Contracting’s major strength lies in fast, safe and efficient operation. With a history of complex infrastructure projects under our belt, we can hand over your project on time and within budget regardless of it’s complexity. From permits to service disconnection and waste disposal, Perfect’s project management team offers the personalised touch that ensures your energy project is delivered to spec.

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The key to Perfect’s continual success is down to one key factor, Our People.

Our crews are the ones out there doing the hard graft every single day, ensuring your project gets delivered on time, every time. Because that’s what we do. We get it done.

From management and operations to engineering and estimating to supervisors and ground workers – Perfect Contracting hires only the best. Continual improvement processes ensure regular training, new tickets and upskilling.

Experience in infrastructure works Sydney - Perfect Contracting


Perfect operates its own fleet of heavy-duty state-of-the-art machinery ranging from nimble 0.8t excavators to large positracks to 35t excavators. Additionally we operate an armada of hook trucks and skips, tippers, EWP’s, forklifts, Brokks, lifts, scaffolding and almost every tool known to man.

With our continued investment in emerging technologies, safety and innovation, Perfect’s service scope ranges from the simple & straightforward to the thoroughly technical to the downright demanding.

Experience in infrastructure sector Sydney - Perfect Contracting