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BP Petrol Station demolition – Parramatta Light Rail Project

Project Details

  • Client CPB
  • Location Parramatta
  • Duration 8 weeks

Perfect Contracting was contracted by CPB to undertake the demolition and removal of station building, LPG tanks and contaminated soil. Site was located at 435 Church Street, Parramatta. All works were confined including all equipment, temp structures, storage, workshops, sheds, toilets etc. Prior to starting with works all signage, fencing were set up around site. Consideration for the safety of pedestrians, road and neighbour traffic was put in place.

All electrical, water services were disconnected. Existing LPG tanks were purged with nitrogen using a generator.

For the existing Petrol and Diesel Tanks (4 in total), all pipelines were purged / drained back to the tank, using nitrogen purging / water as required. An open port on the tank on the UST was located and released to allow the purging of the tank and all associated pipework. All residual liquid from the UST’s was removed and disposed of at an appropriately licensed waste facility via appropriate vacuum truck as per liquid waste classification.

On site purging was carried out. Then the removal and disposal of underground petroleum storage tanks. This was done using Air, Water and Inert gas. After purging, the vapour space of the tank was be tested by a responsible person using a calibrated gas detector. Once tanks are purged saw cutting was made around the top of the slabs above the tank and 24T & 30T excavator used to remove concrete slabs and overlying fill sands, with extreme care.

Once cleared from excavation, tanks were tested and once gas free certificate was issued it would be loaded to trucks using cranes and sent to designated scrap metal facility. When the tanks were removed backfill sands were then excavated and stockpiled.