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Macarthur Anglican School

Demolition - Macarthur Anglican School

Project Details

  • Client Reitsma
  • Location 605 Cobbity Road, Cobbity
  • Duration 2 weeks

Perfect Contracting was engaged by Reitsma to assist in their project at Macarthur Anglican School in Cobbity which is based in the outer western Sydney suburbs. Objective of the works was to demolish 2 single story buildings. These works carried out for approximately 2 weeks and the overall height of the building was 4.5m at its highest point. The building are single story demountable’s, one with brick veneer and the other cladded with sheeting, both on brick piers. Demolition of basketball courts, cricket pitch, footpath and road took place.

All services, electricity and water disconnected prior to demolition, signage printed and installed, and certificated issued prior to demolition. Removal of all redundant material and services from site, all recycled in compliance. Demolition commenced with the removal of ground structures using a hammer attachment on our 24T excavator with buckets to demolish the external boundary walls, this created access to the rest of the structure. Roof then taken down by mechanical grabs. All material loaded off site using bogie and skip bins.

There was a demolition ticketed supervisor on site at all times observing all works, the brick piers, footings and footpaths were then to be hammered and removed. Hot works were used during removing the building from joined structures, cutting along the separation lines with a angle grinder and oxy cutting equipment.

All materials were recycled in accordance to compliance and sent to recycling centres in our trucks and skip bins. Dust suppression techniques were used on site such as water cannons, sprinklers and sprinklers attached to hammers.