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Perfect Contracting – Principal contractor at heritage site in Corrimal​

Project Details

Perfect Contracting undertook a major construction and demolition project focused on the redevelopment of the historical Corrimal Coke Works site. This case study analyzes the application of sustainable practices employed by Perfect Contracting to address environmental, heritage preservation, and community engagement challenges encountered during the project.

Environmental Issue:

Challenge: The project involved substantial demolition activities posing risks to the local environment, including dust emission, noise pollution, and waste management.

Solution: Perfect Contracting implemented a comprehensive environmental management plan, incorporating dust suppression techniques, noise reduction measures, and waste segregation systems.

Outcome: Over 95% of demolition material was recycled, significantly reducing the project’s environmental footprint.

Preserving Heritage:

Challenge: Several historically significant structures on-site required preservation and documentation.

Solution: Perfect Contracting collaborated with heritage consultants, engineers, and historians to document historical features through 3D scanning and selectively dismantle structures for restoration.

Outcome: The meticulous approach ensured the protection of architectural heritage, facilitating integration into the new development and maintaining historical context.

Enhancing Community Engagement:

Challenge: The project’s scale and potential disruptions raised concerns among the local community.

Solution: Perfect Contracting initiated various engagement strategies, including regular updates, feedback mechanisms, and proactive community assistance during emergencies.

Outcome: Strong community relations were established, resulting in reduced complaints and high public support for project outcomes.

Final Results:

Through strategic planning and a commitment to sustainability, Perfect Contracting effectively managed environmental, heritage, and community challenges, enhancing its reputation as a leader in responsible construction practices.

By reframing this note into a case study, it provides a detailed examination of Perfect Contracting’s sustainable practices, offering insights into their approach and demonstrating the positive outcomes achieved through their efforts.