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Brokk Demolition Robot – 165 Philips St

commercial project philips st sydney brokk demolition robot

Project Details

  • Location 165 Philips St

Perfect Contracting are currently using a Brokk Demolition Robot to demolish the stairwell at 165 Philips St. We needed the demolition power of a 15 ton excavator but due to the project being with load and size restrictions, it is impossible to get a excavator of that size into the building. This is where the Brokk 90 comes in; the Brokk 90 is one of the most versatile machines available for demolition in restricted areas. When the job has to be done in a confined space, size really does matter. The goal is to bring as much power and flexibility as possible to the site, and the Brokk 90 achieves it.

Its compact design, easy operation and powerful tools make it the perfect choice for use in a wide variety of residential, commercial and industrial environments where there are load restrictions on floors, but where a powerful, labor-saving tool is a must.

The 90 folds into a compact package, transports in a small truck or trailer and goes floor to floor via elevator or stairs. And wherever it goes, it can be plugged in and ready to work in an instant, delivering power when and where you need it.

All works carried out by the Brokk is being supervised and coordinated by our Site Supervisors Moustapha Merhi and Puni Lio to ensure that all works carried out are completed in a safe manner.