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Demolition – Randwick, Sydney

demolition neura randwick

Project Details

  • Client TAYLOR
  • Location NeuRA, Randwick, Sydney
  • Duration 2 WEEKS

Perfect Contracting were contracted by TAYLOR and to carry out Demolition works at a basement in Randwick. The work involved precise demolition of the concrete floor. The scope of work was to excavate down 1.6m from floor level for a 20m2 area.

The challenge was to excavate in the basement of a building which had limited access, this consisted of access through one 8man service elevator. To complete this demolition by hand with JackHammers would have taken to long and would not have been efficient or precise enough.

  • Precise demolition of the area in the basement
  • Rubble removal
  • Concrete cutting
  • Limited access

Perfect Contracting engaged Solution Plant Hire to acquire a 2t Excavator and 1800mm Rock Saw excavator attachment. This excavator would be small enough to fit into the elevator and would contain enough power to work the Rock Saw so we could perform a precise concrete cut around the perimeter of the excavation. We also used the 2t Hammer attachment on this excavator to break up the concrete after the perimeter had been cut down to a sufficient depth. One of the issues was that to complete the job in the required time frame the hammer on the 1.5t was not large enough.

We then engaged Rhino Demolitions to acquire the BROCK Husqvarna DXR 310 demolition robot. Despite its low weight and compactness, it delivers a power of 22 kW, making it ideal for efficient demolition in jobs with limited access. The Husqvarna DXR 310 is compact enough to fit in the service elevator for this job but has the same demolition power of a 15t excavator. Due to the fumes created from the 2t excavator in the basement, Perfect Contracting used two extraction fans to remove fumes and make the area safe for our team members. Due to the project being carried out in a live area, all work is being carried out after hours from 8 pm – 8 am.

Perfect Contracting provided the removal of all waste rubble and concrete throughout the works, protective flooring was installed to protect the floor from damage while getting all the machinery through the building. Recently there has been a variation, the client now requires us to excavate a depth of 2.2m instead of 1.6m. This has extended the time frame for the project by an extra five nights of work.

The Result: We hit the required depth with a clean cut along the edges, removed all rubble/waste and left the area safe with heavy duty fencing.

With Perfect Groups three sub-divisions Perfect Concrete Care, Perfect Hire and Perfect Contracting we can seamlessly provide Demolition, Labour Hire and Concrete Care services to our client all from one Company.