At Perfect Contracting, we are always on the lookout for up and coming talent.

We pride ourselves on developing our team members and creating a career pathway by providing state of the art training and fostering a collaborative, inclusive work culture.

If you believe you are talented at what you do and are passionate about working with a leading construction & demolition company, we’d like to hear from you. To join the team at Perfect Contracting, connect with us today. It’s easy to apply. Simply send your resume to or browse our Current Vacancies below.

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Perfect Contracting offers career opportunities across a wide range of fields, including construction, demolition, labour hire, engineering, marketing, sales, IT, legal and administration.

If you believe Perfect Contracting is the organisation for you then we would like to hear from you. We are an equal opportunity employer that welcomes people from all backgrounds. If you’re passionate about working with a leading demolition company, then get in touch with the Perfect Contracting team now by browsing our Current Vacancies page.


At Perfect you will not just be demoing buildings; you will build live long friendships with your colleagues in Perfect. At Perfect we work as a team, weather you are a HR Truck Driver loading out or an Excavator Operator working on a large Civil project. We all look out for each other, we make sure that everyone’s concerns are heard and most importantly “We get it done SAFELY” so that everyone can go home safe at the end of the day.

We regularly host team building events every year such as Go Karting, Paint Balling, Beach Olympics as well as monthly BBQ’s so you can really get to know the people you work beside.

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Here at Perfect we know just how important a strong culture is. That’s why we have always strive to maintain the very same culture that this company was built on. We do this by always referring to our Core Values. Our core values are what keeps our culture on track and ensures that everybody is treated equally.

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Since the company was established in 2010, we have grown quickly, delivering on significant flagship projects including Parramatta Light Rail, Blue Mountains Route Clearance and North West Rapid Transit so there is always opportunity to grow in this company and advance your career working on large Tier 1 projects.

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Employment equality is defining individuals or groups based solely on the merits of experience, attitude and ability – regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationhood, religion, culture, wealth or marital status. Inclusion is the application of that definition. Regardless of how diverse and inclusive an organisation already is, Perfect recognises that true Diversity, Equality and Inclusion is a continuing process.

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go karting


We love to host regular Go-Karting days, where you get to leave your Perfect site supervisor in your smoke. Always a very competitive day out, everyone wants to be crowned speed demon champion.



How many times do you get to say “you shot your Boss today”, not many right? Our Paintball events are loved by everyone, cause what better team building exercise than running through intense enemy fire and capturing their flag, then hightailing it out of their as fast as you can while your team mates cover your escape?.

beach games


Our Beach Olympic games proved to be a very popular team building exercise, we learned very quickly who the competitive ones were. From the Icemen and Mavericks battling it out at Volleyball to our South American beach football superstars.


Last but definitely not least is our legendry Christmas Parties. Every Christmas we like to go out with a Bang! We celebrate the year in style and reward all our team members for all their hard work and dedication throughout the year.


Perfect's  Christmas Party 2021

Perfect Christmas Party 2021 - Carrers
Perfect Christmas Party 2021 - Carrers
Perfect Christmas Party 2021 - Carrers
Perfect Christmas Party 2021 - Carrers

After a tough two years of the covid-19 pandemic we were finally able to host another of our legendry Christmas Parties. This year we decided to do something a little different and the popular vote was for a cruise around the iconic Sydney Harbour.

Kicking off at 1pm we all decided to meet up at The Ship Inn Hotel in Circular Quay before embarking on the boat. Luckily we were blessed with clear blue sky’s and Sydney typical sunshine. A wide spread of food was severed to us on the boat and drinks were flowing.

After we had eaten the boat clean of any sign of edible food the DJ came out and so did the terrible dance moves and even some strange Karaoke from Perfect legend Lukas Tomiska. Everyone had an amazing day taking in the stunning views our beautiful harbour has to offer while taking a well deserved break for a tough but rewarding year.


Perfect's  Christmas Party 2019

Perfect Christmas Party 2019 - Career Pathway
Perfect Christmas Party 2019 - Career Pathway
Perfect Christmas Party 2019 - Career Pathway
Perfect Christmas Party 2019 - Career Pathway

In 2019 Perfect held our Christmas Party at the South Cronulla Bowling Club in Cronulla. Kicking off at 11 am, we had some games of bare foot bowls and enjoyed a wide spread of food and beverages.

After our allotted time of 5 hours a large group of us continued the party into the early hours at Northies which was just a short walk down the street.

Considering we had 100+ party Northies even commended us on how well behaved our entire crew were.


Perfect's  Christmas Party 2018

Perfect Christmas Party 2018 - career pathway at Perfect Contracting
Perfect Christmas Party 2018 - career pathway at Perfect Contracting
Perfect Christmas Party 2018 - career pathway at Perfect Contracting
Perfect Christmas Party 2018 - career pathway at Perfect Contracting

In 2018 Perfect held our Christmas Party at the Tarpeian Precinct Lawn in the Royal Botanic Garden. Kicking off at 10 am, our event organisers HiddenDoor had organised a series of events including:

  • Bubble Soccer
  • Sumo Suit Race
  • Tipsy Waiter
  • Giant Beer Pong
  • Up Ball.

The group was split up into teams that had to challenge each other in each event. The winning two teams battled it out in the Wheelbarrow Race, which is kind of a Perfect tradition.

The winning team, Team 3 won $100 Rebel Sports Vouchers each and the coveted HiddenDoor Trophy. The weather was perfect and a wonderful day was had by all in attendance. Afterwards, we all went to the Tilbury Hotel in Woolloomooloo for some well-deserved drinks and refreshments.


Perfect's  Christmas Party 2017  - career pathway at Perfect Contracting

In 2017 Perfect held our Christmas Party at the Middle Harbour Yacht Club in Mosman. Kicking off at 10 am, we began with 3 hours of Kayaking which was a lot of fun.

This was then followed by a number of hours of food, beverages and some very poor dance moves.


With a strong multi-cultural diverse workforce from all corners of the world, Perfect has hosted some epic BBQ’s over the years. Weather it’s Brazilian style from our strong contingent of Brazilian team members or our homegrown Aussies there is always some kind of BBQ on the go.

perfect bbq's - career at Perfect Contracting