Building & Structure Demolition

Building & Structural Demolition

Perfect Contracting is recognised for its structural demolition presence across Greater Sydney and into the heartland of New South Wales. Working jointly with commercial, industrial and government clients on short- and long-term projects, we approach every job with the same commitments we have for the past twelve years: health, safety, quality and sustainability.

No matter the size of the project, no matter the scope – Perfect Contracting has the credentials to deliver your entire structural demolition phase from start to finish. From permits and approvals, services and utilities, hazardous materials and waste disposal – our team of seasoned professionals will follow exact specifications, whilst providing sound expertise and recommendations every step of the way.

Before a service is disconnected or a pre-start inspection has begun, the entire scope is meticulously developed by our engineering team. The design is finalised and all safety, environment and compliance considerations are put into place.

Once approved, the scope is handed over to our operations team for delivery. Man and machine are mobilised, skips and tools are dispatched, PM’s and Supervisors are briefed.

Perfect operates its own fleet of heavy-duty state-of-the-art machinery ranging from nimble 0.8t excavators to large positracks to 35t excavators. Additionally we operate an armada of hook trucks and skips, tippers, EWP’s, forklifts, Brokks, lifts, scaffolding and almost every tool known to man.

Driving this operation is our allocating, tracking and compliance app providing up-to-the-minute data that is client available. Some of it’s uses are: worker and machine arrival to site, machine pre-start and other compliance documents, site safety inspections, truck and skip locations, timesheets and so on.

But none of this is even possible without our workers. From management and operations to engineering and estimating to supervisors and ground workers – Perfect Contracting hires only the best. Continual improvement processes ensure regular training, new tickets and upskilling.

All of this is driven from one core value: safety. It is the reason we get up in the morning and the reason we can lay our heads down at night. No one is immune to danger in the workplace, especially in construction. It requires constant vigilance – an overwatch we’re more than willing to take.

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