Demobots and Propping – The Dangers of Overhead Demolition

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by Daniel Green

Even in most westernised nations where building and construction is governed by strict safety standards, by its very nature demolition is fraught with danger. And whilst to an outsider the practice may at times look hokey, to a seasoned demolition specialist the task is a strategic and surgically planned operation.

But when the spec calls for something outside the realm of acceptable risk like partial structural demo, maybe the removal of members that tie into load bearing ones or say where immense physical forces risk entire collapse – these dangers are amplified far more.

So what answers lie in the face of such great challenges? How can we deliver to the client’s standards whilst maintaining health, safety, environment, quality and integrity?
How can We Get It Done, Safely?

Well, one solution is as old as construction itself: propping. And whilst it’s not sexy, new tech or even fun – a correctly propped structure is a thing of pure beauty. We know because we’ve seen them. Heck, we’re the ones who’ve propped them. Whether you’re talking Acrow, Superprops, Titan Props or Jack Posts, no matter where you are in the world – if you work in construction or demolition – there’s a strong chance you will have encountered props.

There’s two reasons the humble prop is still used to this day: they’re safe and they work. When assembled correctly that is. When a propping array is completed by seasoned professionals, by experienced workers and leaders with thousands of man-hours under their belt in a myriad of working conditions – propping is an extremely versatile, safe solution that can bear immense force without breaking a sweat. Name a dangerous demolition scenario and we’re almost certain propping can fix it. It can be done overhead, through walls, in basements or in pits. In new build or existing. On the fourth floor or the fortieth. But wherever it’s done and whatever configuration it’s done in, the biggest risk is the expertise of the installer. Which is why your choice of propping contractor is crucial.

As Sydney’s premiere demolition contractor, Perfect Contracting has been propping without incident since 2010. With complex and high profile jobs under our belt like Jobs 1, 2 and 3, Perfect Contracting can offer the experience and guidance you need to get the job done and get your people home safe. And with clientele like Coates Hire, X and Y – our resume all but speaks for itself.

But what if propping is no bueno due to certain time or structural constraints? What then?

Well, the second solution is sexy, is new tech and is about as much fun as you can have with your hard hat on. A fusion of cutting-edge robotics, high frequency hydraulics and ultra fast three- or five-phase power; demolition robots like the one made by Brokk are as space-aged as you can get. Mobile enough to get into the most dangerous places; agile enough to traverse rock, concrete and sand; endorsed by the US Army – the Brokk suite of demobots are the most badass machines on the demolition scene. And whilst sexy most definitely sells, the real benefit from these Terminators of Timber, these Rambo’s of Reo, these Bourne’s of.. well, Buildings – is their ability to almost completely eliminate operator risk in scenarios of structural collapse.

20 – 30 years ago that risk would have been deemed partially acceptable – merely the ‘cost of doing business’. But as safety ethics climb and technological advancements soar, no longer do our workers have to risk so much just to get the job done. Science and standards have converged to produce an efficient, cost-effective demolition machine.

Take the Brokk 200 equipped with their patented hydraulic breaker We could go into reams of yawn-inducing tech on how impressive it is. How the thing is a size of a 1.7t excavator but can break out to the equivalent of a 13t machine. Or how it can be operated via digital radio wave. Or any of the scores of benefits. But the real prize here is that the operator can remain out of the danger zone and still deliver highly detailed demolition at an extremely affordable price. A Perfect Contracting Brokk and her operator will deliver on time, in budget and with far less risk than ever before. Meaning you can remain confident the operation will run smoother than a double chrome dipped hydraulic cylinder.

Demolition has risk – it’s just a part of the game. But no longer does that risk have to be so high. It’s 2021, and we’re ushering in a new era of personnel and practices that demand safety above all. Welcome to the future. Welcome to Perfect Contracting.

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