The Brokks! The most advanced machines available for demolition work in highly restricted areas (Video)

Brokk demolition robot

Here at Perfect Contracting, we are very passionate about getting the job done in the most proficient way. With that being said, we are elated to introduce you to The Brokk 200! The most skilful machine available for demolition work in highly restricted areas. Its compact model not only makes it easy to transport (by truck or trailer). It also manages to accesses confined spaces with more capability than a 15 tonne Excavator.

The Brokk brings power and flexibility while saving labour. It is the most versatile choice for any residential, commercial or industrial environments. Brokk 200 can fold into a compressed package, easily travelling floor to floor via elevator or stairs. It can be plugged in and ready to use instantaneously. Get a Free Quote today! See why the Brokk is a must have tool, ensuring quality when it comes to your construction needs.

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