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Town Hall Concourse Refurbishment

Town Hall Concourse Refurbishment

Project Details

  • Location Town Hall Station, Sydney
  • Refurbishment of full concourse of train station
  • Works in one of the most busy stations in Australia
  • Wall tile, floor tile, wall paint and glue removal
  • Removal of bulkheads
  • Wall demolition around escalators
  • Floor and wall chasing services
  • Removal of structural steel elements

Perfect Contracting were engaged to complete detailed demolition, including removal of tile and bedding, concrete cutting and grinding, as part of Sydney Trains major renovation of Town Hall Train Station. The works involved precise operation of demolition tools, including Hilti jackhammers, Hilti wall grinders, Hilti floor grinders, oxy cutting equipment, along with various other specialised equipment. The project consisted of the removal of the structural floor above the escalators.

This evolved the closure of the escalators both at concourse and platform level. All work was completed after hours from 12am-4am due to the high volume of foot traffic in Town Hall Station to ensure public safety. As part of the prep-work for this project we were required to install plastic sheeting to cover the entire area below the demolition. The structural floor consisted of precast concrete planks, with each plank weighing in a over 250kg the use of a mini-crane was necessary. The structural engineer suggested the use of a Maeda MC285c Crawler Crane, Preston Hire supplied both crane and operator. The crawler crane had to be unloaded at street level and transported down the concourse via the passenger lift.

Due to Town Hall Train Station being one of the busiest stations in Australia, Perfect Contracting had to undertake all contract works at night, between 10pm and 4am. Daily reviews of works complete were undertaken to ensure that the works area was left in a safe manor, to ensure safety was always a key priority, not only for Perfect Contracting staff but also for the general public. Before the precast concrete planks could be lifted out of place the structural steel needed to be cut to release them. Initially one idea was the use of Oxy cut but due to the high volume of oil in escalators and the sparks created from Oxy cutting, this would have been a fire hazard. So Perfect Contracting were engaged for the use of Reciprocating Saw’s to carry out the cutting of the steel beams. Due to limited access our team members required confined space certificates.

The concrete cutting of the beams required our team members to use Hilti 14” Demo Saw with a Dust Removal System to eliminate dust created. Before the planks could be removed they were drilled and four lifting bolts were installed. A load arrestor device was then installed to ensure safety while removing the planks. The planks where then lifted out of position and placed on a pallet to be transported to the eastern side of the concourse to the passenger lift where they could be removed to street level. The project was completed on schedule and within budget. All concrete and steel removed was 100% recycled.

Additional services were provided to the project, including carpentry works, rendering, and waste removal services. With additional services provided by Perfect Contracting as a package, the clients overall project becomes easier to manage with a seamless transition from one service/trade to the other.