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Full building demolition in Westmead – Parramatta Light Rail Project

Project Details

  • Client CPB
  • Location 28 Railway Pd & 149 Hawkesbury Rd Westmead
  • Duration 8 weeks

Perfect Contracting was contracted by CPB to undertake the full building demolition of 2 estates 28 Railway Pd & 149 Hawkesbury Rd Westmead, which are both part of the Parramatta Light Rail Project on the same block to be removed. The height of the structure was 9Lm at its highest point. End objection of the works were to leave the job site made safe of any loose items including concrete, bricks, materials etc. Perfect ensured that all works were confined including equipment, temporary structures, storage, workshops, sheds, toilet accommodation etc.

Secure the work area.

Prior to the commencement of works Perfect ensured safety signage and temporary fencing and scaffolding was set up around the job site to secure the work area, as road and pedestrian train had to be taken into consideration. All services were disconnected and signed off and certificated issued. Removal and disposal of all redundant material was handled then removal of all hazardous waste within the building. All non / friable asbestos and lead paint was removed and disposed of safely.

Building strip out.

Following disposal of hazardous waste full building strip out took place, Which means any rubbish left that cannot be recycled including ceilings, joinery and loose furniture inside the building was removed using demolition Labourers and hand tools, electrical tools.

Demolition works started with the removal of the existing brick shed using a 30T excavator with grabs and bucket attachment. Which created access for bogies/skip bins for material load out. After approval from PCPLR the existing trees on site were removed by a license arborist and small shares removed by excavators.

Mechanical building demolition.

Once the site was cleared from all vegetation, the mechanical demolition took place. Demolishing of the buildings using the 30T excavator, removing the existing brick structures starting from the roof all the way to ground level. Once all ground structure was demolished, the brick piers, footings and any associated footpaths and driveways were be hammered with the hammer attachment.

One all structures were demolished hammering and pulverising took place to remove all rubble. All material was loaded out using boogies and recycled at correct facility.