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Full staircase demolition – Birrong Station

Project Details

  • Client Downer
  • Location Birrong Station, Birrong

Perfect Contracting was contracted by Downer to undertake demolition of a full staircase, located at Birrong Station, Birrong. The objective of these works were to demolish the existing staircase and install a new footbridge. Prior to commencing with demolition all works on site were confined and signage around job site installed to account for road and pedestrian traffic. All services were disconnected and certificates issued and temporary access installed before commencing with any works.

Demolition works started with removal of the light cladding and sections of the wall. New hoardings prepared and installed when the stairs were removed to make safe after the demolition works. Core drilling was completed at nominated location for the lift points. The exisiting staircase was braced at the location of every lifting point to prevent and buckling. Each lift point braced using flat bars welded to the glances of the PFCs at each lift point. Furthermore, each flight of stirs will have additional bracing with 16mm tension bars.

Once all bracing was completed a 500T crane was set up to rig the existing stairs from lifting points. A rigger rigged the stairs out, then a wire saw was used to cut through the top landing. Oxytocin’s kit used to cut free all steel supports until the stairs were free. Once the stairs were lifted out they were processed on ground with a 14T excavator.