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Demolition – Chatswood Train Station

Demolition Chatswood Train Station

Project Details

  • Client Ichor Constructions
  • Location Chatswood Train Station

Perfect Contracting has been engaged by our client Ichor Constructions to carry out detailed demolition works at Chatswood Train Station.

The scope of works carried out by our team members so far includes:

  • Remove existing GAC booth
  • Partially demolish control room on the platform. Assumed single brick, external skin, plasterboard ceiling, carpet floor, single gyprock wall, metal roof.
  • Demolish existing ceiling in platform bathroom 11 m2
  • Create penetration in platform bathroom for new vent. 300 x 300mm
  • Remove existing Windbreaks INCL
  • Relocating 10 seats
  • Trench/detailing works at ticket gates
  • 3 x trench/detailing works

Our team members met with our client’s representative on site to obtain all requirements of the works to be carried out. As these works were mainly carried out after hours.

Firstly our team began by demolishing the existing GAC Booth from the platform. Using our large Hilti TE1500 Jackhammers and swiftly removing all waste materials from the site.

Next, our team members went about removing the Windbreaks on the platform, to remove these windbreaks our team members jackhammered the surrounding tiles and concrete surrounding the steel beam. Once they exposed the bolts that were holding the beams in place they then cut the bolts with our Hilti 5” Cordless Ginder.

The scope of these works also included the relocation of ten sets of seats. Our team members removed the bolts securing the seats to the platform with our Makita Impact Hammers; all ten benches were then relocated to another part of the platform pre-determined by our client.