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Demolition – Erskine Park

demolition erskine park

Project Details

  • Location Erskine Park

Perfect Contracting were engaged to complete major structural demolition works within a commercial warehouse at Erskine Park. The initial works involved removal of of steel cladding fixed to precast concrete panels throughout the warehouse. This involved the operation of EWP’s and genie lifts to safely remove and lower the steel cladding.

  • Coordination mobile crane, crane crew and deletion crew
  • Concrete cutting, coring
  • Floor repair
  • Re-erecting precast panels, to comply with Australian building standards

The remaining precast concrete panels were then required to be removed. This task required a combination of concrete coring, concrete cutting and coordination with a mobile crane to safely lower the precast concrete panel. Core holes were drilled through predetermined sections of the precast panel to allow the mobile crane to support the precast concrete panel. Once the mobile crane was in place and securing the precast concrete panel, the perimeter of the section to be removed was cut using our high-frequency concrete cutting ring saw system. The concrete precast panel was then lowered in a safe and secure manner. The concrete precast panel was then reinstated in another location, requiring relocation and lifting of the panel into place. Fixing were then applied to the precast panel to secure it in the new location, to comply with Australian building standards.

The final stage of the works involved floor preparation of the complete warehouse area, using a large commercial concrete floor grinder to grind the concrete removing any pre-existing finishing on concrete in preparation for new a concrete floor finishing.