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Electrical Pylon Demolition – Badgerys Creek

Electrical Pylon Demolition - Badgerys Creek

Project Details

  • Client DOWNER
  • Duration 2 WEEKS

Perfect Contracting recently carried out induced controlled demolition of a number of large power pylons in Badgerys Creek for our client Downer Group.

The scope of works for this project involved:

  • Controlled demolition of multiple 35m high power pylons.
  • Installation of slings rated 2T SWL.
  • Install chain pulls across the legs to hold structure to prevent the tower deforming during the cutting process.
  • Hot works personnel to prepare the water trailer and cutting equipment.
  • Oxy cut legs of the tower in the sequence outlined in the demolition methodology.
  • Cut the pylon into small sections with shear’s attachment on Excavator.
  • Load steel into allocated skip bins for removal from site to the nearest recycling facility.

Our client firstly installed a lateral exclusion zone barricaded a minimum of 75% of the tower height and longitudinal exclusion zone barricaded minimum 150% the tower height.

Once all protections were in place our crew could establish all our equipment on site to carry out the demolition works. For this project, we used our 24T Sumitomo Excavator.

Our client’s rigger then installed the sling onto the pylon that would be held by our Excavator. Next, our client’s hot works personnel prepared the area for hot works, by dampening all surrounding plant and vegetation. Once the area was ready our experienced oxy cutters carried out the sequenced oxy cuts on the legs.

When all primary sequences were cut our demolition supervisor instructed all unnecessary personnel to vacate the exclusion zone. Once the area was clear and all personnel accounted for our demolition supervisor radioed our Excavator Operator to increase the tension and bring the tower down.

Once the tower was fully down our Excavator Operator switched to the shears attachment and began cutting the pylon into small pieces and loading it into our skip bins for recycling.

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