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Strip Out – Surry Hills, 10-14 Waterloo St

Strip Out - Surry Hills, 10-14 Waterloo St

Project Details

  • Client Mainbrace
  • Location 10-14, Waterloo St, Surry Hills
  • Duration 6 WEEKS

Perfect Contracting was hired by Mainbrace Constructions to perform demolition and strip-out works of three floors at 10-14 Waterloo St, Surry Hills.

Level A1 is fully stripped-out and we have completed all works on Level A1 already.

This project included the removal of over 670m2 of carpet tiles including underlying glue. Strip-out of the Male / Female toilets including tiles, wall tiles and splash-back including rendering which comes out with tiles, toilet partitions, doors and all toilet fixtures and fittings. Perfect was also contracted to remove 733m2 of existing ceiling tiles and grids.

Level A3 was fully stripped out; the last project to complete on this floor was the removal of the ventilation ducting on the ceiling. During the removal of some of the ventilation ducting some of our team members discovered Asbestos, so we could continue work on this until the asbestos is safely removed. We submitted a quote to remove the Asbestos as Asbestos Removal is a service which Perfect Contracting provide. The client opted to go with another removalist in the end. Once the Asbestos was safely removed we could continue work on this level.

Due to noise restrictions, we can only use loud equipment JackHammers between the hours of 7am-9am. Perfect Contracting is removing all waste and rubbish from the site through the service elevator and our tipping trucks through the loading bay. This allows for fast and efficient removal of the rubbish and waste.

Our supervisors on site are ensuring that all our team members are wearing full personal protective equipment at all times to ensure a safe work environment.

See below-tabled summary of waste material loaded out from the project.

Waste Type Weight in kg’s Weight in tons
Rubbish Skips 14660kg 14.66t
Concrete / Rubble 53360kg 53.36t
General light mixed waste 44730kg 44.73t
TOTAL 112,750kg 112.75t

Perfect Hire supplied all electrical tools including receipro saws, angle grinders, circular saws, and jackhammers, along with trucks, skip bins, floor grinding equipment, and access equipment.