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Olympic Park demolition and civil works

Olympic Park demolition and civil works

Project Details

  • Client FDC Constructions
  • Location 1 Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park
  • Duration 3 weeks

Perfect Contracting was contracted by FDC to undertake the demolition and detailed excavation of 2 buildings and swimming pool, including civil works following. Before commencing any demolition works all works including equipment, temporary structures, storage, workshops, sheds, toilet accommodation, etc were contained. Perfect installed safety signage to indicate ongoing demolition works in place, and installed temporary fencing around the site.

Once all services were disconnected and signed off, soft strip out commenced. All loose items and furniture will be removed from site and loaded into skip bins. Prior to any mechanical demolition, the lower section of the building needed to be separated by cutting the purlings were it meets the column to separate the two parts of the building. Two labourers with harnesses will worked off the roof of the building with a reciprocating saw to saw cut and separate the parts of the building.

Once all the handwork was completed, a 24T excavator with shear/ grabs attachments was used to take down the roof structure safely down to the slab level. Once all the above ground structure has been cleared, a hammer attachment on the 24T excavator was used to remove the slab.

During all demolition works, dust suppression will be provided throughout the job using a labourer with a water source to supress the dust. All material was processed on site using the shears of the excavator and loaded into skip bins and taken away from site, all taken to delighted facility to recycle.