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Lift Removal – 165 Philips St, Sydney

Lift Removal 165 Philips St, Sydney

Project Details

  • Location 165 Philips St, Sydney

Perfect Contracting are in the process of performing a lift removal and demolition at 165 Philips St. Our experienced riggers are working at the moment stripping the lift shaft of all service pipes and tubing and removing lift doors on each floor as they go down each level.

The scope of works include:

  • Door Frame removal
  • Strip / Remove lift Car
  • Motor Room Strip-out
  • Hoardings
  • Removal of all shaft equipment
  • Lift pit gear removal
  • Ropes
  • Compensator Rope Removal
  • Governor Rope Removal
  • Traveling Cables
  • Floor Selector Tapes
  • Concrete Cutting

Our team members started by attaching our 3t rated winch to hold the lift car and give us complete control during the strip-out process. Then our team members started by removing the old engine and counter weight from the engine room of the lifts on the 9th floor.

Then with the use of safety harnesses, our team worked from the top of the lift cart stripping out the lift shaft floor by floor. This included the removal of lift doors/door frames, hoardings, ropes, governor rope removal, compensator rope removal, travelling cables, and service. Ducting with the use of the Makita 5” and 9” grinders and pinch bars.

As each level was stripped out, all materials were removed on the lower floor and loaded into the lift cart. It was then lowered to the basement, and loaded out to our skip bins and trucks. This made the disposal process of the materials much faster, which allows the project to run on schedule.

For part of preparation for the lift removal, our carpenters constructed safety barriers and blocked off each and every level with locked doors. This was done to ensure the safety of the public and other workers on site. This prevented anyone from using the lift while our riggers performed the lift removal.