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You can’t run a contracting business without your own waste removal operation. Not effectively anyway. Which is why the Perfect fleet numbers some fifty vehicles, thirty skips and literally hundreds of bins. From the humble single cab ute through scores of C-class tippers right up to the 8- and 10-wheelers, our capabilities match our ambition.

With segregation as our highest priority, Perfect waste removal has worked hard to remain a streamlined, efficient operation. From state of the art allocating and docketing tech to scavenging attachments to continual driver upskilling, Perfect holds a high place in the waste removal game – for very good reason.

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Can rubbish be picked up the same day?

Depending on where you are located, the size of the job and what exactly needs to be done will determine whether the job is done the same day or an appointment needs to be made. You can be reassured that if an appointment needs to be made, we will organize that for you straight away for a time that is most convenient for you. Don’t hesitate to call if you have a waste concern or query; we will do our best to assist.

Do you recycle any of the rubbish?

Once the rubbish has been collected from your location, it gets sorted out so we can send the waste to the right area. There may be chemicals, poison, dangerous items, and recyclable materials all mixed up with the waste. It is our job to go through the waste properly to ensure the right items go to the right area so they can be disposed of properly, and this includes recyclables. If we find anything that can be recycled, it will be taken to the recycling yard to be reused or resold.

Do you come inside to get the rubbish, or does it need to be put outside?

It doesn’t matter whether the waste is inside a building or your home or outside on the sidewalk. We can take it away and dispose of it for you. If you have an old shed full of waste that needs to be removed, we prefer you don’t go inside and start touching things and putting yourself at risk. We have all the PPE equipment to ensure the job is done safely, and no one is put at risk of harm.

Can you help with stripping out?

Yes, we can. If you are stripping away furnishings or wallpaper, etc., we can come in and dispose of it all for you while you sit back and have a break. The waste removal team will strip and clear out little areas so you have a clean slate to work with. Whatever waste you need to get rid of, whether at the office or the home, we can take care of that and will ensure we always clean up after ourselves, so it doesn’t even look like we were there.

How much does waste removal cost?

The waste removal costs will vary depending on how big the job is and what the waste actually is. We are happy to give you a quote over the phone and details about how the job will be carried out, so you know what costs are involved and just where your money is going. You don’t need to come to a decision straight away. You can take the quote and have a few days to think about it, and if you wish to go ahead, simply get in contact and organize a convenient time for you.

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