Shoring Installation

Shoring Installation

Over its twelve year demolition history – five of which unrestricted – Perfect Contracting has developed its propping and shoring capabilities throughout scores of projects across Greater NSW and into the ACT.

No matter the scope of works, the conditions or the location, there’s a very good chance Perfect has propped it and shored it. Our highly experienced engineering team understands that unlike some aspects of construction and demolition – this does not tolerate errors.

Working with defence, resource, industrial, commercial and government clientele across the city and into the heart of New South Wales, Perfect aims to be the go-to contractor for propping and shoring in the state. We work hard to maintain a strong work ethic while continually striving and forging our way ahead.

Our propping and shoring assets are our own – all of which are stored, maintained and inspected before and during every installation. From aluminium props to fork-heads, acrows to jack props and shoring solutions of the hydraulic variety, Perfect is able to tailor a solution specific to your needs.

Our team of engineers and site workers can undertake difficult and complex collapse prevention works, providing flexibility for any ambitious or formidable excavation. We can design a system unique to your needs, fusing a range of props into one bespoke solution that will allow you to work unhindered.

Driven by our sophisticated allocating, compliance & tracking software and app, Perfect can maintain a total overview of works in the field in real time. This data is client available, and provides clarity & clarification where others cannot.

All of this is motivated by our desire to do our very best. To be our very best. To hold to our values, both personally and professionally. This is the aim of Perfect Contracting.

Perfect Propping and Shoring. We Get It Done.

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