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Perfect Contracting has been awarded a large-scale Asbestos Removal and Demolition project in Darwin. The scope of work includes soft demolition of all internal fittings, asbestos and hazardous material removal, demolition of all sun hoods, plant and equipment, destruction of the main building including removal of all foundations, removal of all utility connections, demolished material, equipment, rubble and so on.

The project presents several key challenges. Firstly, this type of removal work is highly labour-intensive, the temperatures within the containment are above 40 degrees in winter (dry season). The environment will dictate what the body can withstand in this part of Australia, therefore Quality Equipment is paramount to project delivery, as manpower alone will not be enough, considering the finite amount of time we have before the monsoon season arrives. A period known locally as “the build-up” leading up to Darwin’s wet season, sees temperature and humidity increase rapidly. The humidity levels go above 80% from late November onward, and January typically brings rain for over 26 days of the calendar month.

demolition darwin

To tackle these challenges, our Perfect Contracting team has invested heavily in the most modern equipment to offset the manpower required, keeping in mind that friable asbestos removal PPE is difficult to work in ‘normal’ climatic conditions. By investing in equipment and micro analysing every part of the methodology prior to mobilisation, we have put our best foot forward in the hopes that this will be a milestone project for the City of Darwin, and its surrounding businesses who have never seen this type of activity carried out before.

asbestos removal darwin

We have also engaged with the local government, and Worksafe NT through every part of the process, including submissions and peer reviews of all plans by our Independent Hygienist Company Greencap – which has a reputation for being one of the most thorough Environmental Consultancies at the multinational level. Our team has managed to build all of these relationships within the past few months. They have been involved in Sport and recreation, namely Rugby League, which has seen their presence and involvement in the community as positive and engaging, playing for the oldest club in Darwin, the Nightcliff Dragons, who are in their 63rd season. This has seen our crew immerse into the social structure through supporting, playing, and getting to know the history and culture of the town.

We are confident the project will be successfully completed by our team within the expected timeframe. This will forge our way to the demolition sector of the Northern Territory by making a positive impact and proving our capabilities.

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