Demolition contractors – see how it can simplify your work on the site

Demolition contractors

When someone mentions the word demolition, you may be picturing a structure that is completely brought down to only a pile of bricks. Today’s demolition is so much more than that. Todays demolition contractors can assist in so many different aspects of construction as well as large scale remodel.

Whether you need to do a simple remodel project or you are completely destroying a structure for construction, demolition contractors can assist you in your project. A contractor will bring their expertise to the project which will assist you in completing the project as instructed.

Why should you consider hiring an demolition contractor? Here are a few good reasons:

  1. Site Retention and Remediation – the normal projects can be dampened or delayed with different environmental concerns today. An experienced contractor will understand how to look out for these types of concerns and know how to take them into consideration when working on a project.
  2. Asbestos Removal – asbestos removal takes an experienced contractor to come in and remove the harmful material in a safe way. They must also know how to dispose of the hazardous material properly.
  3. Relocation of a Building or Structure – If your project is to move a structure from one location to another, demolition contractors can assist in this entire project from preparing the structure for moving to securing it once it is on the new site.
  4. Building and Creating New Space – If your next project involves an addition of a new room to a home, sometimes this requires that a wall or section of the home come down first in order to make the new addition fit into place. Demolition contractors can assist in this project and create a new room in the home that everyone can enjoy.
  5. Rubbish Removal – Waste management is important on all levels and you can contact your demolition company to assist with rubbish removal. Waste levels are only increasing and that’s why it’s important to have this type of service available. Recycling is everyone’s responsibility and it’s important to keep up with waste as it occurs. Not only will demolition companies remove the demolition waste from a job site, they can also remove household waste, commercial waste, fit-outs, vegetation removal, and more.
  6. Soil Clearing and Remediation – If your soil has become contaminated, you need to act fast and get it restored before it the harmful chemicals seep into the soil and cause more damage. Demolition contractors are able to clean the site using a special cleaning technique that can remove the harmful substance following EPA regulations. They can then replenish your soil with clean healthy soil that you can trust. The demolition contractors will come to your home or job site, evaluate and assess the contamination, create a plan for soil remediation and clearing.

The demolition contractors can also provide:

Removal of fuel tanks under the ground in a safe manner, stabilize sludge and sediments, remove soil that is contaminated and dispose of it off-site, manage acid sulphate in soil, restore and repair groundwater cut-off walls, and assist in landscaping and civil construction in order to complete remediation projects

Lift and Escalator Removal

When it comes to upgrading commercial buildings in Australia, you need to consider some of the history that goes with it. Elevators, when they became available, made the building more majestic and in high demand because not only was elevators easier to get to the top floors but it was something new that made traveling around more quickly. Today, as these buildings are reconstructed or renovated, the old escalator system is being replaced by a more modern set up. The old equipment used to run the escalators are extremely heavy and weighted. Demolition contractors can remove this type of machinery and decrease the amount of time spent on this project.

A demolition contactor can:

  • Remove door frames
  • Remove lift cars
  • Remove shaft equipment
  • Remove lift pit gear
  • Remove compensator and governor ropes
  • Remove travel cables
  • Remove floor selector tapes
  • Cut concrete

De-Fits and Make Good Office

When you first signed your lease, you had big plans. You wanted to create a restaurant that would serve thousands of Australians who were hungry for a meal. You knew in your mind how you wanted the restaurant set up in order to function the way that you planned. Now that your lease is up and you are ready to move into another location, you may want or need to put the space back to the way it was prior to your moving in your restaurant. A demolition contractor can assist in removing the items you put into the space and restore the walls, flooring and even removing walls that have been added so that the structure is just like it was when you embarked on your adventure.

Making an Area Safe

Over time, areas can become unsafe as structures settle. When additions are added or any type of construction occurs around the structure, it can weaken the location causing certain parts of the building to weaken and eventually collapse. When this happens, you will want to rely on a demolition contractor to come in and re-enforce the area and strengthen the frame so that no further damage can occur.

If new construction is going on around a building, it can sometimes weaken what is already there and that is when you want to have an experienced demolition contractor on the clock when it does.

What to Expect from your Demolition Team

When you hire a demolition team, they should be able to manage all aspects of the project including

  • Assessing the project
  • Financial estimation of the project
  • Create a planning schedule
  • Quality and WHS management
  • Safety and risk management
  • Procuring all necessary equipment
  • Waste management throughout the process

As you see, hiring demolition contractors is not only a good idea for demolition but also for other projects that can make your job so much easier.

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