Lead Paint Removal

Lead Paint Removal

At Perfect Contracting, we are fully licenced and insured to carry out the removal of lead paint from residential dwellings and other buildings, throughout the Sydney Metro Area and the state of New South Wales. We commit to removing and disposing of all lead paint and other hazardous substances with the greatest care and regard for safety, as well as thorough consideration for the environment. If you’re wanting peace of mind knowing that your building is free from the hazard of lead poisoning, contact us today.

Lead Paint Removal

Lead is a toxic substance that can be harmful to people of any age, but especially to children, pregnant women and unborn babies. Before 1970, many Australian houses and buildings used paints containing high levels of lead. Because exposure to lead poses a health hazard, even in small amounts, dust or chips of paint containing lead during home repairs can be dangerous. Due to the extensive health and safety risks, lead based paint should not be removed by anyone other than a qualified professional.

Our qualified and experienced lead paint removal technicians will inspect and assess the presence of lead paint onsite, and provide you with a quote and action plan for the safe and effective removal or remediation of all toxic matter. We pride ourselves on being thorough, honest and reliable, and will approach your lead paint removal needs with confidence and expertise, giving you full reassurance that the risk of poisoning from lead based paint will be eradicated.

Of course, safety is of the utmost importance to us in all of the services we provide, but especially in the removal of harmful substances. Each of our highly trained lead paint removal specialists will adhere to strict safety standards to ensure that each task is carried out safely, and that special equipment is worn to protect themselves against any health hazards or injuries. All of our team members undergo health checks every 12 months, to ensure that we maintain a safe work environment

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