Contaminated Waste

Contaminated Waste

At Perfect Contracting, we offer contaminated waste identification and removal services for commercial, industrial and government clients throughout Sydney and New South Wales. We are committed to providing the safe, efficient and thorough removal of contaminated waste and other hazardous materials, with a focus on environmental sustainability.

Contaminated Waste Removal

Contaminated waste refers to material that contains chemicals or other harmful substances at concentrations that present a risk, or potential risk, of harm to the health and safety of humans, animals or the environment. This can include acids, adhesives, paint waste, laboratory materials, batteries and solvents.

These hazardous substances cannot be disposed of in regular garbage bins – the handling and disposal of contaminated waste is subject to strict regulations, and should only be carried out by a qualified professional due to health and safety risks. If not handled or disposed of correctly, this can pose a health hazard, cause damage to the environment, and put your business at risk of substantial fines.

Here at Perfect Contracting, we are fully licenced and insured to carry out the removal of contaminated waste from any kind of residential, commercial or industrial site. We will assess and dispose of your contaminated waste in a thorough and safe manner, leaving you with peace of mind that your hazardous materials will not harm you, your business, or the environment.

Safety is of the utmost importance to us in all of the services we provide, and especially in the removal of harmful substances such as contaminated waste. We adhere to meticulous safety standards to ensure that each task is carried out safely, and that special equipment is worn to protect our tradespeople against any health hazards or injuries. To ensure that we maintain a safe work environment, all of our team members undergo health checks every 12 months.

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