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Bonded & Friable Asbestos Removal

Fast, safe removal of asbestos by licensed professionals

Perfect Contracting is Licensed for Bonded Asbestos Removal: License No. –  AD212250

Worryingly enough, Australia has the second-highest rate of asbestos related deaths in the world. Due to this alarming statistic, it is incredibly important to use a team of skilled asbestos removal experts when dealing with asbestos on site.

Every building built before 1989 is likely contains some form of asbestos building product – most likely asbestos cement sheeting. Our Supervisors are fully qualified for bonded asbestos removal and follow the Australian Code of Practice when removing asbestos. All of our team members undergo Health Checks every 12 months as we here at Perfect Contracting strive to ensure our team members work in a safe work environment: asbestos removal is a serious operation.

If you find asbestos, never try to remove it yourself. As a banned substance with serious health risks, it is covered by stringent safe handling and management procedures under Australian law. As we own and operate our own machinery, we can reduce the asbestos cost, while providing a secure, safe, and effective service. For the best asbestos removal Sydney wide, contact Perfect Contracting today!

Why Perfect Contracting?

When dealing with a dangerous material like asbestos, you don’t want to cut corners. The safest way to manage asbestos is to employ the services of a professional, licensed removalist like Perfect Contracting. We are fully insured and have a Work Cover Asbestos Class B Licence. Our experienced team are educated and equipped to protect you and the community from the toxic dust and fibres caused by asbestos.

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Perfect Contracting can organise the removal, safe transport and disposal of asbestos in accordance with EPA regulations, servicing residential homes, business premises, industrial buildings and construction sites across NSW.

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