Why Is Perfect Now Offering Civil Works?

Civil Works - Perfect Contracting

by Daniel Green

That’s a great question and we’re glad you asked it! Although, let’s counter that question with a better one: what are the advantages of awarding both demo and civil packages to one contractor?

The Perfect Group began building deconstruction all the way back in 2010. And while the last dozen years has enabled us to perfect the craft [pun intended], we were never going to stay put. Those close to us know that challenge is what drives us. So as an experienced tier one and unrestricted demolition contractor, civil works were always the next evolutionary step.

But, much like demolishing a multi-storey structure, unpacking this needs to be completed level by level. Read on.

It’s More Cost Effective

Clearly there’s a financial benefit for the client. Firstly, a ‘bulk discount’ can be negotiated by awarding one contractor two major development components. Also known as ‘packaging’, it’s the oldest negotiating trick in the book.

Furthermore, some hard operational costs are negated. Outgoings like the cost of floating machinery, site establishment and worker inductions. These can all be reduced, or in some cases, completely avoided simply by choosing to work with just one heavy machinery contractor.

It’s More Time Effective

If your demo and civil packages are awarded to the same contractor then the demolition phase will dovetail directly into the civil phase. Simply put, the breakers are traded for buckets and everybody gets to digging.

But what happens if there’s delays on your civil contractor’s current project? If the last three weeks of rain is anything to go by then that start date could be pushed back by weeks – or even months. Scrambling for another earthworks contractor at the last minute could be damaging.

Things Will Flow More Smoothly

A project is essentially a series of obstacles that need to be overcome. They have always been there and they will always be there – no matter the job. Having a demo/civil contractor that you are well acquainted with makes these inevitable hurdles far easier to surmount. Sure, the advantage of familiarity is hard to account for on a PNL. However, it may actually be the key to a successful delivery. Yes, we’re all in the business of construction – but what we’re really in is the business of relationships. Ultimately it comes down to the fact that battles build trust. The longer you’re ‘in the trenches’ with another contractor, the deeper your ties. This brings unity towards the common goal.

Being well acquainted with your demolition/civil contractor will also let you in on their processes, their day-to-day operations, their strengths and their weaknesses. A good subcontractor that is privy to the big picture will make decisions that drive towards that goal as well as share your enthusiasm for the wins along the way.

Accounting Advantages

Completing the checks and balances and setting up suppliers in an accounting system is time consuming. It makes sense that costs can be mitigated by using only one contractor for both demolition and civil packages.

Unearthing Surprises

Any experienced developer or builder knows that it’d be a rarity to encounter only virgin earth during excavation. This is especially true in built up areas such as Sydney. The last two centuries in Australia has seen multiple construction waves, each bringing their own methodologies. The trouble begins when those practices involve sweeping issues under the construction rug, or in a literal sense: burying hazardous waste.

With an experienced unrestricted demolition contractor already on site means a swift mobilisation of hazmat removal is just a phone call away.

A Greater Buy In

Having a single contractor for both demo and civil works means that contractor is more deeply invested in the project, the outcome and you the client. This is because they were there for more of its development. They see the big picture. They share in the payoff. They want the win. This bodes well for you the client because the deeper their investment the more they will go the extra mile.

Perfect Specific Advantages – What’s In It For You?

180 site workers. 45 pieces of excavation equipment. 35 support staff. 13 x HV’s. 26 x LV’s. 4 individual divisions. A century of combined experience.

Numbers like that are more than just a brag. What they really show is a workforce broad enough to remain flexible – a flexibility that is necessary in today’s construction world. With eternally-tightening deadlines and more client oversight than ever before, to stay at the forefront of credibility in 2022 means dialling your workforce up and down as needed. Perfect can do that.

But quality matters as much as quantity does. We own and operate state of the art Volvo, Yanmar and Kubota machines. Quality means reliability and reliability translates to on schedule. Perfect machines are specially ordered for the dual roles of demo and civil and are at home on projects of any size or technicality.

However, our machinery aren’t the only assets specially ordered. Our estimating and engineering division are at home in virtually any demolition or construction environment there is. As are our operators. There’s a difference between a demo machine operator and a civil one. Believe us, we know. We hire operators and workers who can do both, and in the rare occasion where they can’t – we train them.

Perfect Specific Advantages – What’s In It For Us

We get to broaden our capabilities and service offerings.

Perfect has never been known to sit on their hands. Our aim is always to grow, both in experience and capability as well as business expansion. Following our evolutionary destiny into civil works allows us to scratch that itch. At least until the next evolution catches our eye.

We love a challenge.

To us, civil works are an extension of demolition. Moving into civil works is a good, solid challenge. It’s not a reach too far nor a reach too near. It’s the perfect next step.

It nets us more business.

Some past scenarios saw us passed over for demolition contracts because those clients wanted a singular heavy machinery contractor. At the time it made sense to let those projects go. But in due course we reframed our vision and took ourselves to the next level. Many years on and our machines are trimming and levelling their way across the city.

We get to learn more.

Growth brings confidence, but too much can be counter-productive. Learning is a great way to stay humble, and a great way to learn is to do something just out of your comfort zone. Like tunnelling under Mosman. Ripping virgin earth and underpinning in Greenwich. Or deconstructing an olympic pool and trimming to height in Hunter’s Hill.

In Conclusion

For more information on how Perfect can deliver your combined packages, contact us on [02]8021-1784. Before you do though, just be aware of our motto.

Rain, hail or shine, you can guarantee that we’ll Get It Done.

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