What are foundations in construction?

What are foundations in construction?

The best type of foundation for your construction project

What are foundations in construction?

The foundation of a building or civil structure is the element that connects it to the ground. It’s located at the very bottom of the construction, in direct contact with the soil, and acts to transfer loads safely from the building to the ground.

Foundations can be either shallow or deep, referring to the depth of the soil in which the foundation is built. For instance, most single-story residential dwellings would have relatively shallow foundations, while an inner-city skyscraper would require much deeper foundations to provide structural stability and support to the main building.

What are the best types of foundation?

Here are some of the most common types of foundation, and their typical applications.

Slab foundations

Slab foundations, consisting of a single layer of concrete, are one of the most common foundation types for new homes, particularly in warmer climates. Typically between 10 and 20 centimetres thick, they are affordable and easy to build, can provide additional insulation, and can also act as a base for your home’s flooring.

Crawl space foundations

Also known as raised foundations, crawl spaces are another common type of housing foundations, and are suitable for all climates. They are built above the ground using small concrete pillars, with just enough space underneath for access to fixtures such as pipes and mechanical installations, or for the storage of small items. However, this space can become damp and susceptible to mould and mildew, as well as being a potential home for pests.

Pile foundations

Pile foundations are a type of deep foundation that is typically used when the soil has a very low load-bearing capacity. Vertical pillars (or piles) made of concrete, timber or steel are installed deep into the ground to provide support for the structure above. Pile foundations are also commonly used in high-rise buildings where all of the weight is concentrated into a small area, as they are capable of bearing incredibly heavy loads.

Pier foundations

Another type of deep foundation, although not as deep as piles, pier foundations are elevated from the ground using large, cylindrical concrete columns, providing a space underneath the building which allows access for electrical and plumbing maintenance. They are one of the most affordable foundation types, as well as being suitable for constructions on a sloped site, and are generally regarded as being an environmentally friendly building option. However, they must be ventilated properly to avoid mould and wood rot on the connecting structure.

Basement foundations

A basement foundation provides a useful space below the main building that can act as storage, car parking or even an additional living area. It may be completely enclosed, or fitted with windows and doors, and can provide protection against flooding, as well as added insulation and climate control. Basement foundations are typically one of the more expensive foundation methods for homes.

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