Tweed Head Public School – Project Awarded

Tweed Heads South Public School

Perfect Contracting Northern Rivers Regional division has been awarded the contract for the demolition of Tweed Heads South Public School and Tweed River High School by Bennett Constructions. The scope of work includes the demolition of the Agriculture area comprising of a poultry shed, sheep dip and tool store building, a two-storey building and a one-storey building.

The project presents significant challenges – the major one being an incredibly short timeframe as the schools need to remain operational. The demolition of the two buildings needs to be completed within 10 days that includes removing all the asbestos prior to the demolition from the two storey building and removing all the contaminated slab and soil from the one storey building after the demolition.

To address these challenges, Perfect has engineered a solution that involves staging the works over two stages. This will ensure the works can be completed during school holidays, so it does not interfere with the schools’ regular schedules. Perfect mobilized two crews for the demolition of the two buildings to ensure it can be completed within the given time frame. One crew will work on the hazmat removal prior to the demolition of the two-storey building. Meanwhile, the demolition crew will start taking down the one storey building. Once the asbestos is removed, the demolition crew will be mobilized for the other building.

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