R U OK? Day – 2022

R U OK? Day encourages people to stay connected and have conversations that can help others through difficult times in their lives, reminding us that you don’t need a qualification to ask – R U OK?

In recognition of the day, Perfect sites and offices held several events including pre-starts, morning teas and BBQs. Raising awareness of the importance of being alert to those we work with and having a conversation to connect someone to appropriate support if we identify signs of distress or difficulty.

Mental health can be a tricky minefield, especially in male-dominated industries like construction. In the last hundred years of western civilisation, right or wrong, we’ve been taught to uphold ‘masculine’ strengths like resilience, backbone & grit and look down upon ‘feminine’ strengths like vulnerability, expression & emotion. Heads up boys: both are important – both have their place.

Haberfield – WestConnex M4-M5 Link

Our demolition crew currently working at WestConnex M4-M5 Link in Haberfield for our client Acciona carried out a morning tea and had a great conversion about R U OK? Day raising awareness with our team members to look out for the signs.

Ballina – Perfect Regional Office

Our crews currently carrying out flood clean-up works in Ballina, Casino, Lismore and surrounding areas held an afternoon BBQ. Our regional general manager Timothy Ifopo and senior demolition supervisor Puni Lio spoke to all our team members about the importance of mental health and encouraged our staff to look out for the tell tail signs in their colleagues.

As you’re reading this, someone, somewhere can’t see a way out. Look around you – could it be someone you work with? Could it be one of your mates? Could it even be someone in your family? How do you know if you haven’t checked? For most of us, these feelings pass. But for some, they don’t.

We want everyone in Perfect to feel connected and supported through life’s challenges. You know better than anyone else the pressures your colleagues face each day. Because you see your workmates often, you’re in a great position to notice changes in their mood, behaviour, tone or appearance.

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