Strip Outs & De-Fits

Strip Outs & De-Fits

The bones of Perfect’s heavy demolition reputation lie in our beginnings: strip outs and detailed demolition. These ‘soft’ works may be where we began but they certainly haven’t been forgotten. Perfect Contracting approaches strip outs and detailed demo with as much enthusiasm as we did in our early days.

Since our formal inception in September 2010, Perfect has completed literally hundreds of successful strip outs. From smaller residential jobs that range from bathrooms and bedrooms to larger scale commercial jobs and office buildings – Perfect has the experience, manpower and tools to help you get your project moving.

Almost every job begins with a detailed site assessment by our operations team. This gives us first hand knowledge of the potential pitfalls that can sometimes surprise us during construction work as well as making plans to circumvent them. Anything out of the ordinary is brought to our engineering team to ensure compliance to Perfect’s strict health and safety procedures. This information is collated in the Supervisor’s Site Diary ready for the job’s commencement.

Once across the necessaries, the schedule is drawn up plans are locked in. Machines and men are allocated and information is disseminated to supervisors & leading hands. Any tools or apparatus Perfect doesn’t own are sourced and booked, thought this is rare. As the clock counts down toward establishment details are finalised in readiness.

Upon commencement we establish the site and with Site Diary in hand the Sup or Leading Hand will brief the team. Work kicks off shortly after and runs uninterrupted until completion.

Perfect Contracting has grown from its early days into an experienced tier one subcontractor with capabilities in craneable, structural, chemical and PTT demolition. However we haven’t forgotten our roots. Strip outs are works we tackle with the same energy as we did in our formative years. Let us help with your soft demolition.

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