Make Safe

Make Safe

24/7 Emergency Make-Safe Service (02) 7202 1463

Perfect Contracting offers make safe services for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Unfortunately, you can’t predict when disaster will strike, which is why we operate a rapid response make safe service – day and night. Our highly skilled and reliable team will arrive onsite to secure your premises and prevent any additional damage. We follow rigorous safety procedures to minimise the risk of harm to tenants and the community until permanent repairs can be scheduled.

In our experience, a quick response to emergency events such as storms, fires, and floods, or criminal incidents like vandalism and robbery, can help protect your property from further damage and save you the cost of extra repairs.

Our emergency make-safe services

The Perfect Contracting team have provided emergency make safe assistance to hundreds of clients, including:

  • Make-safe work to secure premises
  • Emergency plumbing services
  • Emergency electrical services
  • Tree felling
  • Urgent repair or installation of building essentials (such as windows or locks)
  • Temporary fencing and warning signage
  • Propping and backpropping
  • Assistance with insurance claims investigations

With many years experience, you can feel confident that our team will initiate a speedy response to restore a safe environment.

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