Escalator & Lift Removal

Escalator & Lift Removal

A large majority of our nation’s mass people movers are approaching retirement and are in need of major refurbishment – even total replacement. Lift and escalator removal is not a job for the faint-hearted: extremely heavy components under immense tension connected to high-voltage power means experience counts. They’re complex machines that demand a very unique skill set. As a result their disposal is sometimes overlooked during even major building renovation and remediation. But it needn’t be.

Perfect Contracting specialises in the removal and disposal of all manner of people movers: lifts/elevators, escalators and dumb waiters/freight cars. There’s so many interwoven entities in even a basic unit: LV and HV electrical, hydraulic, mechanical, computing and ergonomic systems all working in symphony. To that end a demolition contractor with expertise in all of those areas can safely and efficiently remove your mass people movers without incident.

Each project begins with a client-Perfect site visit. A senior member of our Operations team will make a detailed assessment of the escalator or lift, the site itself including access for removal & any rigging/lifting equipment and any potential roadblocks. Uncommon or complicated issues are raised with Perfect’s Engineering team and new methodologies can be devised and drawn up. This information is dispersed to the allocated Site Supervisor prior to the project’s outset.

Once Perfect Operations are across the procedure/s, dates are secured and work teams are allocated. Any specialised equipment is sourced and booked. As the date nears final details are ironed out.

Upon the project’s initiation, the site is established and the Site Supervisor briefs the work teams. Work commences until completion. Typical lift and escalator removal procedures look like:


  • Construction of security hoardings.
  • Door frame removal on the lower level.
  • Rigging of all moving components.
  • Strip and remove the car.
  • Strip out motor room components.
  • Removal of shaft equipment.
  • Demo/strip out the lift pit.
  • Remove and dispose of compensator and governor ropes.
  • Remove and dispose of travelling cables and floor selector tapes.
  • Cut and jackhammer any residual concrete.


  • Construction of hoardings/delineation.
  • Handrail removal and disposal.
  • Dismantling of steps.
  • Removal of tracks.
  • Dismantling of skirt panel and balustrade.
  • Rigging of the trusses.
  • Truss removal.
  • Remove landing platforms.
  • Strip out motors and pit equipment.
  • Cut and jackhammer any residual concrete.

Perfect Contracting has removed more than a hundred lifts, escalators and dumb waiters. Our team of qualified personnel can safely and efficiently Get It Done.

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