Labour Hire at 118 Karimbla Rd, Miranda

Labour Hire at 118 Karimbla Rd, Miranda

Perfect Contracting are supplying Labour Hire to CJ Duncan for a residential works in Miranda for general site cleaning and some jack hammering as well. The site cleaning involved removing concrete slabbing and moving it outside the complex to be neatly stacked on palates so they can be easily loaded onto a truck at a later date. Also removing all scaffolding and wooden planks to be neatly stacked outside the complex to allow for removal at a later date.

Our team member’s task is to clean the site and load all materials outside the complex so they can be easily removed from site via trucks. Our client CJ Duncan requested that our team members sort out all of the materials being cleaned up on site. There are some long wooden planks, aluminum meshing, scaffolding, ladders, bricks and waste building material. So our team members have removed all the slabbing and stacked it neatly on pallets outside the complex to allow these to be easily removed from site at a later date.

We also are supplying one of our 10m2 Skip Bins to remove all building waste. This means all building materials like rubble, cement and dust can be easily loaded out from the site by our team members and removed by our hook truck when the skip is full. At Perfect we always ensure that our general labourers go through an extensive training to demonstrate correct use of equipment and proper use of personal protective equipment. These training days have allowed us to offer our clients team members who are reliable, responsible and can preform any task both safely and efficiently.

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