Asbestos Removal – Earlwood

Asbestos Removal – Earlwood

Perfect Contracting recently finished asbestos removal works for our client Pioneer Projects at a residential house in Earlwood. These works involved the removal of asbestos from ceilings and walls of a residential house.

Our team members began by installing protection and cordoning off the area from the rest of the site to prevent spread of contaminated material. Next our team members installed all appropriate asbestos removal signage and safety barriers.

Once the site was secure and protection was installed our team members wearing all appropriate asbestos PPE with full-face respirators, began dismantling and demolishing the ceiling and walls.

All contaminated material was carefully double bagged in marked 200um thick asbestos removal disposal bags and stockpiled for removal as our team members would remove all PPE to prevent spread of contaminated material. Once all contaminated material had been carefully double bagged our team members and carefully loaded onto our Isuzu tipper truck for removal.

All contaminated material was disposed of with a licensed asbestos waste management facility.

Perfect Contracting have carried out hundreds of asbestos removal projects all across Sydney. Call our office today!

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