Concrete Penetrations – Chester Hill

Concrete Penetrations – Chester Hill

Perfect Contracting have recently finished concrete penetrations for our client AJW Interiors at Chester Hill. This work involved the concrete penetrations of concrete floor along with matching penetrations on the 1st floor slab to allow for a new lift and lift pit installation.

The client requested dust control for this project so firstly our team members setup our Zip Walls around the site to ensure dust was contained. We also used our Hilti VC-40 Dry / Wet Vac’s to extract and clean up dust and rubble as we carried out the work.

The floor slab was over 150mm thick so required our team members to use out Husqvarna K6500 High Frequency Ring Saw as this would be only hand demolition saw that could cut down to the depth required.

As there was no water supply at the site our team members used our portable Makinex Hose2U waster pumps, these connect directly to the Ring Saw. This water supply keeps the diamonds cool on the blade allowing for a cleaner and more efficient cut.

Once all cuts had been made to the slab our team members then used out Hilti TE 1000 Jackhammers to break up all the excess concrete and penetrate through the slab, this would allow our client to install the lift pit shaft.

When all the concrete was broken up our team members then loaded out all waste and rubble to our Isuzu Tipper truck to be removed for recycling. They then made one last tidy up using our Hilti VC-40 Dry Vac’s to ensure the area was left as clean as possible before finishing up.

Perfect Contracting can carry out clean and precise Concrete Penetrations in any kind of environment. We can setup Zip Walls and apply dust control measures to ensure the surrounding area’s are not effected

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