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519 Church St – Parramatta Light Rail Project

519 Church St - Parramatta Light Rail Project

Project Details

  • Client CPB Contractors
  • Location 519 Church Street, Parramatta
  • Duration 4 weeks

Perfect Contracting was engaged by CPB Contractors to undertake the full building demolition works at 519 Church St, Parramatta,  the overall height of the building was 12Lm high. The entire structure of the building consisted of double brick walls with a concrete slab for each level. Due to the limited space around the building to setup overhead Protection, Perfect had to think outside of the box and resort to alternative methods for demolition. 

Before commencing with construction works we has to confine all works, including equipment, temporary structures, storage, workshops, sheds, toilet accommodation. Perfect ensured that all services were disconnected by the respective service trades prior to commencement of works.

Demolition of units started with removal of all hazardous material. Removal and disposal of all detected non/friable asbestos and any lead paint that was included in HAZMAT report. Prior to commencing with any mechanical demolition, any rubbish that cannot be recycled will was manually removed with demolition labourers. The building made safe by hand.

Mechanical demolition started by using a 30T-38T excavator with buckers, grabs, hammer and pulveriser. The building was demolished from top down, the external walls collapsed inwards, and the slabs pulverised progressively until the entire footprint of the building was removed, then the works continued to the lower floors until all the above ground structure is removed. Works were planned around Traffic conditions, with a Stop & go approach to the demolition works. A 37T excavator was used to systematically demolish each part of the structure down to safe level with minimum noise & dust to the neighbouring properties. 

The building was initially stripped to expose all the structural supports for the roof, all the structural elements were then removed by hand using a 85′ knuckle boom. This ensured the controlled demolition of each wall will not be impacted by the roof structure above.

A demolition ticketed supervisor was on site observing all works and in contact with operators at all times. Materials on waste were separated according to the tip recycling centres requirements. All rubbish was managed and disposed from our skips on site. Building was demolished successfully in the timing required.The full 4 Storey building was demolished in under 8hrs with all the rubble recycled and moved off site within the following week.