Demolition / Stripout of Ascham School in Edgecliffe

Demolition / Stripout of Ascham School in Edgecliffe

Demolition / Stripout of Ascham School in Edgecliffe in Sydney

Perfect Contracting are currently carrying out demolition and stripout of Ascham School in Edgecliffe for our client Infinity Group PTY Ltd. These works include the demolition of brick walls, strip-out of wall and floor tiles and removal of ceiling slabs and all services.

Our team members firstly secured the site by install temporary site barriers to ensure the site was safe and secure. Then our team began to establish all equipment onto the site and ensure access was setup for our rubbish removal trucks.

We then began the first day by stripping the ceiling tiles and carefully removing all services. Once the ceiling was finished our team members began removing some of the internal brick walls and removing all the waste and rubble from site via our Tub Bins and Tipper Trucks.

When the ceiling was fully finished our team members then began to remove all wall and floor tiles as required by the client. This was done using our Hilti TE70 ATC Jackhammers which make light work of wall and floor tiles.

Our next task was to remove an external stairs on the first floor of the building. We began by firstly propping the stair well with acrow props to ensure it was safe to work on as the concrete had to be cut from the supporting walls.

Using our Husqvarna Demolition Saws our team members cut the concrete stairs away from the supporting wall. Then we could begin to remove the stairs with our 1.7ton Yanmar Excavator.

All waste and rubble was separated into our Tub Bin system so it could be easily removed from site and sorted before going to the tip in our skip bins. As here at Perfect Contracting we are committed to recycling as much waste as possible.

The Result: The client was very pleased with the outcome of the works and the efficiency of our team members.

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