Macquarie University – Detailed Demolition

Macquarie University – Detailed Demolition

Macquarie University – Detailed Demolition

Perfect Contracting recently began works for our client Taylor Constructions at Macquarie University in Sydney. These works included removal of a brick wall and a ceiling strip out.

Our team members began by carefully removing the brick wall using our Hilti TE1000 Jackhammers with the chisel attachment. Removing all the rubble using our Tub Bin system allows us to swiftly load out all the waste into our Hook Trucks in the loading area.

Next our team members began by carefully dismantling the ceiling tiles being carefully to leave all services intact. All waste and rubble was loaded out into our Isuzu Tipper trucks and removed for recycling.

Perfect Contracting have years of experience working in education facilities and have the expertise to carry out complex demolition works without disrupting the operational functionality of the building.

All waste material was removed from the site by our Isuzu Hook truck with a 15m3 Skip Bins. As we are now GreenStar approved waste removal specialists all waste is sorted at our yard and recycled.

Perfect Contracting have worked with many educational facilities over the years to offer our detailed demolition services!

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