Structural Demolition – 122 Long St, Smithfield

Structural Demolition – 122 Long St, Smithfield

Structural Demolition and strip-out in Smithfield, Sydney

Perfect Contracting just finished major structural demolition at Smithfield for Johns Lyng Group PTY Ltd. This involved the demolition, strip-out and structural make safe of a factory unit in Smithfield.

Firstly our team members cordoned off the site to ensure the safety of the public throughout the project. Next the client’s engineers assessed the structure and concluded that the outer supporting walls would need to be reinforced with steel props.

This would ensure the integrity of the structure was safe to complete the strip-out works. When the props were in place the client’s engineer assessed the site and signed off that the structure was now structurally sound.

Once our team members had the all clear the internal strip-out works began. We used our 1.7ton Yanmar Excavator with a skilled operator to strip-out all the factory-shelving units. All the waste and rubbish was loaded into our Isszu Tipper Trucks so we could quickly remove the waste from site.

When the internal strip-out was complete we then began works on removing the galvanised roofing sheets. We used an elevated working platform and all our team members had Working at Heights competency and full PPE to ensure their safety.

Once all roofing sheets were removed from site, we then began to remove the structural steel girders as the client for this particular project requested it.

A mobile crane was used to take the supporting weight off the girders. Once the crane was securely attached our team members then used an elevated working platform to oxy cut the bolts either side of the girder so it could be removed and safely lowered onto the truck for load-out.

Result: The project was completed on time, within budget and the client was very happy with the outcome of the works involved.

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