Structural Demolition – Manly Wharf

Structural Demolition – Manly Wharf

Structural Demolition – Manly Wharf

Perfect Contracting have just finished major structural demolition works for our client Rewards Hotel Projects at Manly Wharf. These works involved the roof removal, penetrations, and shop strip outs.

The first stage of these works involved the detailed structural demolition of a corrugated steel roof and removing the trusses supporting it. All corrugated steel sheets were manually dismantled and neatly stacked.

Once all materials were dismantled and neatly stacked and strapped we used a 20 Tonne Mobile crane to lift a Crawler Crane onto the roof. This crawler crane was then used to Crane down all the materials into our Hook Trucks for removal.

Another stage of the works was to perform concrete penetrations to allow for the installation of a new stairwell and new lifts. These works involved a lot of Oxy cutting to remove steel beams throughout the structure.

A separate stage of these works involved the strip out of a fish shop unit on the ground level. This involved a back to base strip out of the shop unit including wall and floor tiles removal and removal of all units and services.

Result: Our client Rewards Hotel Projects was very pleased with the quality of works carried out throughout the project.

Perfect Contracting can carry out complex and detailed structural demolitions!

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