Roof Removal – Caringbah Sports Club

Roof Removal – Caringbah Sports Club

Roof Removal – Caringbah Sports Club

Perfect Contracting just completed roof removal works for our client New England Constructions at the Caringbah Sports Club. These works were part of the overall detailed and structural demolition works we are carrying out for our client at the Caringbah Sports Club.

The full scope of works for this project involved the removal of existing steel trusses from the roof of the sports club.

Our EWP ticketed team members started by manually removal all light material from the roof using scissor lifts. Once all light material was removed then the next stage was to remove the steel trusses from the structure.

To remove these steel trusses safely and efficiently we decided the best mythology would be to use a 55 tonne mobile crane, as these trusses were very heavy. This crane allowed us to securely remove the trusses and lower them to ground level. From here we cut the trusses into smaller pieces using our Oxy Kit and craned them down straight into our Hook Trucks.

All these works were carried out during normal business hours and there was traffic control supplied by the client and permissions of the council for the crane to operate off the road.

Being committed to reaching our goal of recycling over 50% of waste and rubble removed from sites we managed to recycle almost every part of roof structure. Our team members carefully separated all steel and wood from the structure and these were all recycled. Almost every part of this roof structure was successfully recycled.

Result: Our client New England Constructions was very happy with the works carried out for the roof removal.

Perfect Contracting can carry out complex and detailed structural demolitions!

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