Heritage Demolition – Taronga Zoo

Heritage Demolition – Taronga Zoo

Perfect Contracting are currently carrying out detailed heritage demolition works for our client Taylor, these works involve the demolition of a heritage rotunda at Taronga Zoo.

The full scope of works for this project is:

  • Hand demolition of upper wall sections to expose, remove and retain timber columns
  • Demolition of the lower wall section, rotunda slab with a 1.7t excavator
  • Excavation of internal rotunda section down to the bottom level of green heritage ring beam
  • Penetration into green heritage ring beam for 3 new door openings

Our experienced team members began by delicately demolishing the upper wall sections of the rotunda to expose the heritage timber columns. Next, our team members carried out the demolition on the remaining sections of the lower wall right down to the bottom level of the rotunda.

After all these works were complete our team members then carried out three penetrations into the rotunda beam to allow for new door openings. Using our Husqvarna K970 demolition saw our experienced team members carried out precise cuts into the beams and then hammered it out with our Hilti TE1500 jackhammers.

Perfect Contracting have years of experience carry out detailed heritage demolition projects. Call our office today to discuss your project!

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