Demolition – Strathfield Sports Club

Demolition – Strathfield Sports Club

Perfect Contracting has been working very closely with our client Rohrig Projects to complete detailed demolition and strip out works at Strathfield Sports Club.

So far we have completed stage one of works which included:

  • Demolition of existing Alfresco-dining area including existing concrete floor;
  • Demolition of existing pro shop including all fittings and fixtures;
  • Demolition of existing kitchen storeroom;
  • Demolition of existing female lockers and female amenities;
  • Demolition of existing male lockers and male amenities;
  • Demolition of existing slab for new lift shaft;
  • Excavate approximately 600mm deep for new lift pit;
  • Demolition of existing gaming area including floor finishes, ceiling, gaming machines, fittings, and fixtures;
  • Demolition of existing kitchen and prep room floor slab (approximately 150mm thick);
  • Strip out existing kitchen and prep stainless steel shelvings and commercial kitchen equipment;
  • Removal of existing 286m2 of the roof above dining area;
  • Removal of existing 38m2 terrace;
  • Removal of existing outdoor awning including all support structure;
  • Removal of 30m2 of existing asbestos in ground floor shower rooms ceiling.

Our team members first started the demolition and strip out of the kitchen and prep room floor slab. Our 1.7T Yanmar excavator hammered out the slab and all concrete and rubble were loaded out into our skip bins for disposal.

Next, our team members began with the strip out and demolition of the pro shop and changing rooms. All changing rooms and bathrooms were stripped back to base and all tile bedding removed.

For the asbestos removal works in the ground floor shower rooms are team members carefully setup protection using 200um thick plastic sheets and our Zip Walls to ensure the area was completely enclosed. Our team members then suited up in disposable protective coveralls and all appropriate PPE (Facemask, Safety Glasses, Hard Hat, Ear Plugs and Disposable Overboots) and began to carefully remove all bonded asbestos from the shower room ceilings. All asbestos was carefully packed into 200um pakaflex printed asbestos removal bags for safe removal to a licensed asbestos waste facility.

Next stage of this project our team members will carry out a soft strip out of the front end of the sports club including the dining area and bar. This will be followed by a structural demolition right back to the façade of the new building.

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