Demolition / Excavation – Panania Diggers

Demolition / Excavation – Panania Diggers

Demolition / Excavation – Panania Diggers

Perfect Contracting recently finished demolition and strip out works for our client Denton Projects at Panania Diggers in Panania. These works involved the demolition of kitchen facilities, removal of the ceiling, loading out of all materials and excavation on the exterior of the building.

Firstly our team members began by dismantling all the kitchen facilities and loading out all metal and steel into a separate skip so this could be recycled. Then they began stripping out the ceiling leaving intact the power and information services along with air conditioning ducts. There was also a concrete step under the kitchen facilities, which our client requested to be removed. Our team members used our concrete demo saw to create cuts in this step and used our Hilti TE800 Jackhammers to hammer out the step.

Along with the internal works our client also requested the removal of a five-meter floodlight pole to be removed from the outside of the building. Our team members erected our 4.5m aluminum scaffold and began cutting the pole into sections using our oxy cutter. The floodlights at the top of the pole were carefully removed as the client still had a use for them.

As part of these works our client also requested for excavation works to be carried out by our team members on the outside of the building to prepare for a new extension to be built. Our experienced excavator operators carried out trenching and grading works under the supervision of our client.

Results: All works were carried completed on time and under budget and our client was very happy with the outcome of the works.

Perfect Contracting can carry out a number of detailed demolition and excavation services. Call our office today!

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