Demolition / Asbestos Removal – Burwood

Demolition / Asbestos Removal – Burwood

Demolition / Asbestos Removal – Railway Parade, Burwood

Perfect Contracting are currently carrying out detailed demolition works for our client Ghossayn Group at Burwood. These works involve the detailed strip out and asbestos removal of an entire apartment block.

Firstly our team members began by stripping the entire apartment block of all furniture and fittings. Then they began to remove the gyprock that was applied directly to the concrete subfloor. This proved extra tricky, as there was no ceiling joists and the gyprock as stuck with adhesive directly to the slab.

This made the gyprock extra hard to strip from the ceilings and walls. Our team members used our Hilti TE70 and TE80 Jackhammers with title smasher blade attachments to get under the gyprock; they also used our cordless Hilti Reciprocating Saws to cut pieces at the edges.

Once all walls and ceilings were stripped, our team members began clearing the roof tiles off the roof and dismantling the wooden beams of the roof. Our team members stockpiled all wood from the roof separately. This meant we could easily remove a number of 100% recyclable timber loads.

As we are ‘GreenStar’ accredited we are always looking to recycle wherever we can. We always educate our clients the benefits of recycling when carrying out large projects like this, as it can end up saving them thousands.

Once the internal strip out was complete and roof dismantled, our trained Asbestos Removal Supervisors began removing the bonded asbestos from the site. Using a large boom lift and the necessary protective equipment each piece was carefully removed and packaged in high impact LDPE 200um thick asbestos disposal bags.

Asbestos monitoring equipment was set up around the parameter of the site to ensure the safety of the surrounding area throughout the entire asbestos removal process to ensure the safety of the surrounding areas.

Perfect Contracting have the assets and capacity to carry out large-scale demolition projects with short turn around times. Call our office today!

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