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Because we get it done. Founded in 2009 by Matt Jedruszek, Perfect Contracting has demolition in its DNA. A dozen years is a long time to hone your craft, especially when you love what you do. In that time we’ve encountered almost every demolition scenario there is. And while perfection is an always elusive goal, we’re confident we can surmount any challenges that come our way.

Our certainty comes from our experience. From being in the trenches. And from sometimes getting it wrong. Those lessons have forged a team of demolition professionals who know how to bring home a difficult project. Who’ll deliver on time and in full. Who’ll dig in. A team who’ll be there when it counts.

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Do you handle interior demolition?

We sure do. We can handle all sorts of interior demolition, whether you are preparing to reuse or to upgrade the space completely. We do ceiling and interior wall removal, salvage, demolition of flooring, and selective structural demolition to.  The professional team will strip and remove the internal junk and clean everything up as they go, so you are left with a clean slate.

Do I need approval for any demolition work at my property?

Yes, you certainly do! You will need a demolition approval from your local council to demolish any property or structure.
Some people prefer to go with a private certifier as they find it easier, but that is entirely up to you. You may need your quote of the work to be completed, which is no hassle for a team member to come out, assess the site, and give you the relevant information you will need for approval along with your free quote.

Should I go with the cheapest quote I get?

This can work out badly.  Sometimes the cheapest quote can end up being the most expensive down the track. Many companies advertise cheaper than the rest due to having less qualified workers or the fact they don’t do the job properly. We pride ourselves on being honest and charge you the right price for the work and clean up being carried out. You will receive a quote that has everything itemized so you can see exactly what your money is being spent on. There are no hidden charges, and you are free to view the terms and conditions, so you understand everything clearly.

Can I do the demolition myself with a truck and bobcat?

No, you cannot. Unfortunately, people think they can do these sorts of jobs themselves to try and save some money. First of all, you need a permit to carry out your work, and you won’t get that unless you are using a professional team. Second, it is very dangerous, and any demolition work should not be carried out by inexperienced people. It can end up costing more to fix problems that can occur that what it will to hire a professional demolition team.

What size job do you do?

We do all types of demolition jobs and can handle all sorts of jobs from minor jobs to the very complex. We will come and access the job and let you know a time frame and the costs involved, so you know where you stand. We even have the capacity to perform bulk excavations right when you need them. We are professional destroyers so we can tear down buildings, work with heavy machinery, and destroy structures.  We can work in all sorts of environments, from commercial to residential and everywhere else in between.

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