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With an intricate knowledge of the safe destruction of buildings comes with it some expertise on how to rebuild them. Coupling that with strong construction leadership and readily available tradespeople furnishes Perfect with the skills and experience to head up your construction project.

With bricklaying, carpentry, general property maintenance & repairs and every tool you can imagine, Perfect construction is a name you can rely on.

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What is the impact of the fall on blocks have with expenditure?

In most instances, the construction of flat blocks is done using slab foundations. This is because it is the easiest and most cost-effective style when it comes to building. But with increasing needs, extra work will have to be done on the structure. The preparation can be tedious as excavation is needed. This can come in varying levels of complexity, especially when retaining walls and basement can be involved. In a case where the fall of the land goes beyond a specific level of steepness, the slab cannot be applied and other conventional styles of construction are needed but these styles are not quick and more resources are needed.

What is the Definition of a Contemporary House Design?

The finest way to do this definition is a style that reflects the architecture of the modern era. What this implies is that any design that is said to be contemporary is not heritage in nature. Interestingly, many of the new estates already follow guidelines that do not give room for period-style homes, but that is not all. It is also equally important that you make sure that you are as familiar as possible with the guidelines that have been put in place regarding an estate before the purchase.

Can an Environmentally-Friendly Home Be Built?

We are one of the first sets of builders that have the relevant accreditation in this regard. Over time, we have shown our dedication and commitment when it comes to the construction and design of homes that are truly friendly for the environment. These are homes that generate lower quantities of greenhouse gases, consume less energy and water, and are generally healthier for the residents. Our commitment also reflects in the kind of products that we make use of in homes with special focus on the reduction of waste and more use of materials that are recycled.

Can You Still Work with Difficult Blocks?

The answer here is yes, and it does not matter whether we are working with steep or gentle slopes, you will always find us ready to do the design of the home to fit into your needs perfectly. We are known as the ones to consult when it comes to constructing and working on difficult blocks. We are always eager to show you how much we have done in the past, and you will be free to check out all our previous examples.

Can Floor Plan Layout Be Changed But External Appearance Maintained?

The answer here is yes. We do not promote the mindless copying of other designs when working on your building project. All the plans we come up with are done in a way that they meet all your needs and also blend with your budget. But that said, if you happen to have another idea or concept that works for you, we are always ready to work on it for you. We can also incorporate any of our previous designs to bring your dreams to life with the external appearance remaining intact.

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